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SEO reports

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Visimartrak is our proprietary tracking platform that allows us to track and monitor our client’s customized internet marketing strategies. Our reporting only shows UNIQUE calls and not total calls. Our experience from tracking calls has been 15-25% of calls tend to be duplicate/repeat calls to reschedule or cancel appointments or hangups. Reporting total calls can be misleading to your ROI.

PPC Leads vs Organic Leads
Visimar’s unique tracking platform can track PPC calls separate from organic calls so you know the exact return on each advertising medium.

Pay Per Click Reports:

View your Google campaign and Bing/Yahoo campaigns beside each other
  • Know how much you are spending on Google and Bing/Yahoo
  • Unique call tracking for each campaign
  • Know what your UNIQUE cost per lead is for each campaign
Listen to your calls


  • SEO Reports:
Search Engine Ranking Reports. This report shows where you rank for chosen keywords and monthly trending to monitor progress
  • UNIQUE call tracking for calls from your organic traffic from the search engines separate from PPC calls.

  • Customized Reporting:

Once you have been with Visimar for a while and have accumulated enough past data we can create customized trending reports to show month over month, year over year, or even monthly comparison reports to see trends for your business.