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Top 3 in PPC
Top 7 in Google Business Listings
Front Page Rankings on Major Search Engines


Utilizing the Visimar approach to search engine marketing for your company will guarantee your domination of the internet for your company in your market. Since we only choose one company in each industry per market, we can make this promise. At Visimar, we approach each market as a new prize to be won for our clients. Our competitiveness to win each market will benefit your company and not your competitors.


Are you positioning yourself to win?
Building the right perception of your product or service is crucial in marketing on the internet. Visimar will help you understand how to position your company on the internet as well as drive your brand across the search engines and social media to instill a loyal customer base.

It’s NOT About Visitors. It’s About Conversions.

What is the difference in a 10% conversion rate and a 20% conversion rate?

NO, it is NOT 10%. It is 100%!

If you are able to just increase your conversion rate from the visitors you are already getting to 20% you have doubled your business. Visimar can show you how this is possible.

Content is KING. Presentation is the CROWN.
The difference in content presentation can be the difference in just having an internet presence or having a successful internet marketing program that can double your business. When we double your conversion from the traffic you are already getting, you will be well on your way to doubling or even tripling your business with our aggressive internet strategies.


Visimar’s aggressive strategies will take leads from your competitors and increase your sales. Our Conversion Based Design focuses on what the visitor needs to make a decision to contact you presented in a way for them to make a quick decision to contact you.

PPC VS Organic
With the cost of PPC rising fast, you need to have an aggressive SEO strategy to generate less expensive leads. These leads can usually cost a third of what PPC leads cost and in most instances you can get more of them by being ranked on the front page of the major search engines.

We know this because we track PPC leads and organic leads separately. We see at least 50% of all our leads come from organic search if the client is ranked on the front page or at least front 2 pages of search. This means if you are not currently ranked on the front page of the major search engines and you get there, your business has the potential to at least double your leads for a fraction of the cost of PPC.